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  • Difference between crypto and forex trading, which one is better?

    Difference between crypto and forex trading, which one is better?

    Cryptocurrency trading and forex trading are both activities that involve the exchange of financial instruments, but they have some key differences: Overall, while both forex trading and cryptocurrency trading can be potentially lucrative activities, they involve different asset classes and have different market structures and levels of risk and regulation. It is important to understand […]

  • Forex trading in Kenya

    Forex trading in Kenya

    Forex trading is legal in Kenya, and the country’s financial regulator, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), oversees the industry. In Kenya, forex trading is mainly conducted through licensed forex brokers, who offer traders the opportunity to buy and sell foreign currencies online or through mobile platforms. To trade forex in Kenya, you need to open […]

  • Can forex trading make you rich?

    Can forex trading make you rich?

    Forex trading carries a high level of risk and can result in significant losses, especially for inexperienced traders or those who do not have a solid understanding of financial markets and risk management. There are several reasons why forex trading can be risky: Overall, while it is possible to make a profit in the forex […]

  • Best forex trading platform

    Best forex trading platform

    It is difficult to determine a single “best” platform for trading, as different platforms may be better suited to different traders depending on their specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), cTrader, and TradingView. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a trading platform: It is […]

  • Is forex trading halal?

    Is forex trading halal?

    The question of whether forex trading is halal or haram (permissible or prohibited in Islam) is a complex one and depends on a number of factors. Some scholars consider it to be halal, while others consider it to be haram. Here are a few points to consider: In Islam, gambling is generally considered to be […]

  • Best Forex Broker 2022 for You in the USA. How to find it.

    The best forex brokers in America are not just the ones that offer the cheapest rates. They are also the brokers that provide the best customer service, quickest trading execution times, and most competitive spreads. The following is a list of the top 3 forex brokers in America for 2022: 1) FXCM 2) Interactive Brokers […]

  • Forex Trading Bots 2022 & How They are Revolutionizing the Markets

    What is a Forex Trading Bot and Why Do I Need It? Forex trading bots are computer programs that use algorithms to trade on a given currency pair. They have been around for decades and they are only getting more popular with time. There are many reasons why traders use them, but the most important […]

  • The Forex Trading Scam That You Need To Be Aware Of

    The Forex Trading Scam that you need to be aware of. Forex trading is the most popular form of currency trading, with trillions of dollars being traded every day. It is also one of the most profitable markets, but it is also one of the most fraudulent markets as well. Forex scams are usually perpetrated […]

  • 6 Strategies To Maximize Your Return On Investment In The Forex Market

    Strategy 1 – Dollar Cost Averaging Dollar cost averaging is a strategy that helps investors to reduce the risk of investing in volatile markets. It is a process where an investor invests equal amounts of money in the market at regular intervals. Investors who use this strategy invest a fixed amount of money at regular […]

  • Best forex indicator 2022

    Best forex indicator 2022

    The 5 Best Forex Indicators for Traders of All Levels in 2022 The 5 Best Forex Indicators for Traders of All Levels in 2022 Forex trading is a popular investment option for many people. It has grown to be one of the most profitable markets over the last few years. Actually, it’s one of the […]